GLD series clinker chain bucket conveyer  
产品名称:GLD series clinker chain bucket conveyer
所属类别:GLD series clinker chain bucket conveyer
详细说明: Topday development company introduction of GLD series of clinker chain bucket machine, is a large angle climbing transportation, long distance and long time convenient, durable, high efficiency and low cost of clinker conveyor equipment and applicable to site condition is very abominable environment. Closely distributed hopper is especially beneficial for transporting dust of extremely fine particles of clinker. According to the conveying quantity and conveying height, the plate chain and the forging chain are chosen respectively.. The breaking load of the chain is up to 1800000 Newton..

Huludao Dingli of Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. developed GLD series of clinker disc conveyor is a flexible layout, large angle climbing, long distance continuous conveying equipment, suitable for high temperature bulk material transportation.

GLD series of clinker disc conveyor design department of the latest technology, with smooth operation, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, running low cost and so on.

Traditional such conveyor equipment in operation process is easy to produce the following problems: for example, a short service life of the chain, high maintenance cost, equipment operation is not reliable and, in view of these phenomena, our company has introduced advanced technology from Germany and Japan, developed GLD series of clinker disc (bucket) to solve these problems conveyor

Tilt angle can reach 68 degree;

Transmission length of 200m;

The lifting height can reach 60m;

We use the split valve structure.;

Temperature of material can reach 300;

The special material tray is impervious to dust structure;

Extremely fine-grained clinker with high content of dust content;

1 the lubrication of the conveyor should be according to the instruction, combined with the actual operation, the necessary daily and regular lubrication.

2 rolling bearings in the device, each year must be completely replacement grease.

3. Due to the conveyor workplace dust is large, in the run part of roller bearing generally do not set the fuel nozzle and every 12 months must remove the wheel, of the roller bearing for thorough cleaning, after cleaning, fill the new grease.

(a) the friction and rubbing against each other in the material wheel lap

Fault: 1 disc plate or skirt deformation;

2 traction chain wear and tear.

3 material plate and chain plate link bolt loose.

Eliminate failure measures:

1 repair material tray or skirt plate.

2 replacement of the corresponding part of the plate has been worn.

3 the connecting bolt of the fastener plate and the chain plate.

Before driving, must carry out a thorough examination, check the operation of the components are in good condition, in particular, should pay attention to check and roller for cracks, tread deformation, the chain plate has no bending, cracks, according to the instructions to each lubricating point of the lubrication, check feed and dust collection equipment should work normally, inspection, and before and after the equipment ready to allow when driving a car, you can start.

Driving sequence: 1. Start by feeding equipment and other devices (such as connected with the received dust equipment). Start the conveyor 3. Start feeding device and other devices (such as connected with the collection dust equipment, etc.). Parking: parking before, should stop feeding, to be added to the conveyor material disc material are removed after the air to stop.

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