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Main parameters of conveyer

      According to the material handling system requirements, the material loading and unloading place of the various conditions, the production process and material characteristics, etc. to determine the main parameters.

    Conveying capacity: the conveying capacity of the conveyer is the amount of material conveyed in the unit time.. Transportation of bulk materials, per hour to transport the mass or volume calculation; when to convey goods and number per hour transport calculations.

    II conveyor speed: improve the conveying speed can improve the conveying capacity. In the conveyor belt as the traction and the length of the conveyor, the transmission rate is increasing. But the belt conveyer of high speed running need to pay attention to vibration, noise and start, brake etc.. For the chain as the traction of the conveyor, conveying speed is not too large, to prevent the increase of power load. At the same time, the conveyor speed of the process operation should be determined according to the requirements of the production process..

    Component size: the component size of the conveyor includes belt width, strip width, hopper volume, pipe diameter, container size, etc.. The size of these components directly affect the transport capacity of the conveyor.

    The conveying length and obliquity: total resistance of transmission line length and angle affects the conveyor and required power.

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